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10.2019 - Antonio, D1 Class of 2023

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Advice to Pre-Dental Students

The desire of entering Dental School, and most professional programs, can sometimes seem like a hurdle that many await to conquer. The rigor, stress, fulfillment, and discipline associated with admission can all seem like a whirlwind that is never-ending. As a first-year dental student, I sometimes look back and laugh at my anxieties that preceded my first day of dental school. To be honest, the hardest part in gaining entry. The most manageable part (not the easiest) is staying on task and focusing on your studies – you are in control of your success. In retrospect, my biggest advice to all pre-dental students worrying about first year is to…..

Know Yourself and Don’t Neglect Yourself!

Without a doubt, self-assessment and ability awareness are key components to your success in Dental School. Many times, students entire Dental School with the academic skills needed to excel, but may not quite have the maturity and coping skills required to deal with the stress associated with academic requirements. Your first year is loaded with didactic coursework, and you will be in class all morning, most of the day, and will not begin to study until after 5PM if you are lucky. Dental Lab work and Gross Anatomy may sometimes extend that an hour or two. My advice is to discover new hobbies, to spend time with friends, and to enjoy yourself along the way. Find new ways to laugh and discover what keeps you happy and motivates you to keep pushing. Do not let Dental School dictate your quality of life! Maintain your work-outs, spend time with your family, and give yourself a break. If you schedule and plan your studies well in advance, your time will be much more rewarding and efficient. You can still do amazingly well, if you manage your time and continue live your best life. It is possible and success can still be yours!

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